Milos Compact Fly Tower




The PA Fly Tower was designed for live events that require a compact PA fly tower for small systems that can be used both indoor and outdoor. Setup is easy. Only a few standard FQ truss components are needed to erect the tower and only 2 persons are required to accomplish this feature. Due to a height just under 5 meters, approvals by authorities are not necessary. The design allows for placement of subwoofers or amplifier racks on the top outriggers.

Mechanical Specifications

Length (mm) 2500 mm
Width (mm) 2000 mm
Minimum Height (m) 5 m
Maximum Height (m) 5 m
Base Length 477 mm
Base Width 536 mm
Base Width Between Legs (Front) 2000 mm
Base Width Between Legs (Back) 2500 mm
Base Height 265 mm
Diameter Main Tube 48 x 3
Diameter Brace Tube 16
Weight 150 kg
Maximum Load 300 kg
Material Aluminium, Steel
Colour Blue, Silver