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DAP Odin T-8A Active Line Array Satellite


800 W / 129 dB SPL @ 1 m
800 W / 129 dB SPL @ 1 m
2x 8″ Neodymium MID Woofers
2x 1″ Celestion Neodymium compression drivers
Waveguide for optimised low-mid frequency directivity
Quick and easy setup (3-point suspension system)

The DAP Odin T-8A is a versatile 800-watt Bi-Amp Line Array Satellite Speaker, suitable for small to large crowds. They are stackable up to 4 units and hangable to up to 12 units. The variety of options allows you to set the correct sound dispersion and DSP settings according to the application and location.

The Odin T-8A is equipped with two 8″ Celestion Neodymium MID Woofers and two 1″ Celestion Neodymium compression drivers, producing up to a staggering 129 dB SPL @ 1 meter distance. It will work perfectly in combination with the S-18A subwoofer and S-218A ultra subwoofer. A specially designed waveguide, phase plug, and configurable DSP-optimised amplification make sure that the T-8A delivers under any circumstance and in any setup.

The handy hanging system allows you to build/break a complete Odin Line Array set in no time and on your own. In addition, it is a very modular system, so you can place a DAP Odin Line-Array installation at any location. Various accessories are available for stacking, hanging or using a sub/top combination as a satellite setup. For example, consider the 35 mm pole mount adapter, stack frame and fly bar, where the vertical array angle of satellite speakers can be adjusted in 6 steps, from a 0° to 7.5° spread angle.

Free Odin Editor software, in combination with the CL-4 Connect, allows you to freely adjust the EQ, gain and delay per speaker or per group of speakers from a Windows PC/laptop. It also allows you to monitor live information from each speaker, such as amplifier temperature and high/low output. In addition, EASE Focus 3 software can be used to calculate the splay angle and ”Throw”. A plug-in has been developed for adding our speakers to its database.

Please be aware that powerCON and network cables are not included