DAP CA-4500 DSP 4 x 500 W Amp




4-channel DSP powered amplifier
OLED display and PC configurable
SMPS & Class-D Amp Technology
Advanced protection circuits
Low impedance and 70/100 V output

The DAP CA-4500 DSP amplifier is a 4-channel high-power digital amplifier featuring 500 W per channel into 4Ω. In bridge mode it transforms into a stereo power amplifier delivering up to 1000 W per channel. It is also able to drive 70- and 100-volt speaker systems, for which a 70/100 V preset can be selected from the menu. The CA-4500 includes a powerful DSP where all parametres can be edited via a built-in OLED screen with an encoder or via a PC using the software editor. DSP functions include 8-band EQ, noise gate, compressor and delay with temperature setting. Working modes and channel routing are also available and edited as easily as other DSP parametres. The CA-4500 is very compact (1U rack) and light (8 kg), so it is a perfect amplifier for high power fixed or mobile applications.


2 Ohms Stable No
Output per channel into 8 ohms at 1 kHz 250
Output per channel into 4 ohm at 1 kHz 500
Bridge Output into 8 ohms at 1 kHz 1000
Output per channel into 8 ohm at 20 Hz > 20 kHz 250
Output per channel into 4 ohm at 20 Hz > 20 kHz 500
Bridge Output 8 ohm on 20 Hz > 20 kHz 1000
Output Channels 4
Output Gain 34
Output Mode 4-channel, Bridge, Mono, Stereo
Output Connector Speaker Connector 4 pole